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Thursday, January 31, 2002

Yahoo! Health - Herbal Remedies - Turns out that Drosera rotundifolia is considered an herbal remedy? Won't catch me drinking it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

[Site Note] - Added a and Yahoo news news feed. I should build out the search string - they are currently looking for: "carnivorous+plant*"+sarracenia+drosera+nepenthes+"pitcher+plant"+"fly+trap"

Alabama :: Events - Michael Catalani reports that The Nature Conservancy is hosting two field trips in Sarracenia country: The Nature Conservancy is holding a field trip to the Roberta Case-Pine Hills Preserve on April 20, 2002. This 160-200 acre site contains what may have been the best stand of S. alabamensis plants ever known to have existed. There is a good possibility the plants will be in flower at this time. A field trip to see the S. oreophila sites at the Chitwood Barrens and Coosa Bog preserves in DeKalb and Cherokee Counties is set for May 11, 2002.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

STARDUST Technology: Aerogel - This showed up on the CP mailing list from one of the members (Ron Baalke from How it relates to carnivorous plants is a long story, but Ron works with Aerogel and mentions that it would make excellent greenhouse insulation!

Monday, January 14, 2002

[Garden Note] - Gary sent me more information on the Sarracenia flava seeds he sent. Seems pretty clear that the plant is a flava hybrid. Michael Catalani's analysis.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Gardens Alive! SoilGard™ Microbial Fungicide - I found these two products for fungus control at Gardens Alive!. The first one contains Gliocladium virens while Root Boost™ Endomycorrhizal Inoculant doesn't get into specifics of what the beneficial fungi are.

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Sarracenia flava Copptertop[Garden Note] - A big thanks to Gary Kong for offering some free Sarracenia seed to the mailing list. I'm finally on my way to having some new varieties of S. flava. Gary writes: Here's a pic of how your plants will look at adulthood. As you can see, they're not like your typical "Coppertop." I received my plant from Rick Moss in New Jersey, who gave them away for FREE when he stripped his bog several years back. Its parentage is highly suspect. My guess: there's purpurea in its blood. The lids are just way too large for a normal flava. Speaking of blood, when backlit, the hoods are chillingly blood-colored. The flowers are traditional flava yellow. I hope you enjoy your plants as much as I enjoy mine.

Monday, January 07, 2002

[Site Note] - Paul's written up a Google Image Search scraper. For now, I'll use it to highlight a particular plant or species. It's over there on the left hand side.

Saturday, January 05, 2002

[Site Note] - I've added a search box on the left hand side of this blog that will let you search the Carnivorous Plant Database (with the usual nomenclature options). Should be useful.

[Site Note] - I've begun to add CP news searches on the right hand side of this blog. By using,, and any other news browsers I can find, I'll try and keep track of any CP news that makes it to the popular media. Big thanks to my buddy Paul Nakada for all the code that helps pull and parse these news search engines. Paul's famous for MyNakada and the Segway Transport pages.

Friday, January 04, 2002

Termitenfalle: Gefräßige Pflanze lockt mit eigenem Fleisch - Wissenschaft - SPIEGEL ONLINE - The original German article about N. albomarginata.

Timber Press: Books on Gardening and Horticulture Jeff spotted information on the new edition of Don Schnell's book over at Timber Press. - Study: Killer plant choosy about its prey - January 3, 2002 - CNN has picked up the Reuters story about N. albomarginata eating termites.

Carnivorous Plant Database - Keeping this link as a reference....need to add a box on main page.

Thursday, January 03, 2002

Barnes & - Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada  - Ron reports: The second edition of Donald Schnell's book 'Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada' is coming out this year. Barnes & Noble has it listed with a release date of May 2002, and a suggested retail price of $39.95, which will be available at B&N for $31.96. The new version will be 348 pages and the ISBN number is 0881925403.
Also at Amazon - pre-order for $27.96.

Plant has taste for termites - From Ron: Here's an article in Nature magazine about Nepenthes albomarginata having a preference to catching termites.

Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Discover article on Nepenthes of Borneo - This article shows up in syndication at various sites. It just turned up at the San Diego Union Tribune. Pretty cool account of Nepenthes hunting.

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