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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

eBay item 2011959293 - Carnivorous Plants - Artificial Pitcher PlantArtificial Sarracenia. - Further proof that you really can find anything at ebay. Your search for artificial Sarracenia is finally over!

Things have been slow on the carnivorous plant front lately. The biggest news on the mailing list is the massive flame war going on between the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter editors and a pissed off hobbyist who's article on a new unnamed Drosera was rejected. It boils down to the fact that this new Drosera has not been officially/scientifically named and the editors will not publish the article with the (incorrect) common name. This leads to hurt feelings and a big debate on what the true purpose of the ICPS official journal is: scientific publication or hobbyist newsletter. Quite the brouhaha, as you can imagine. Personally, I'm all for waiting and getting the correct name established.


Thursday, March 14, 2002

Barry Meyers-Rice and kid.[Field Trip] - I took some quick pictures of the UC Davis Greenhouse Open House. You can see Barry brainwashing some poor, unsuspecting kid. Silvia, Aaron, and I had a great time - I just wish the Sarracenia were out of dormancy so we could see them. The greenhouse had a great variety of plants and a bunch of nice folks running the show. (Click the picture for more)


Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Amy Ritchie's Taxidermy - This kid is great - she's doing what she loves and expresses it very well. Figures, she's also a CP fanatic :-)
Amy writes:

Hi fellow CP enthusiasts!

Since it has been at least two years since I last participated in this email digest, I wasn't sure if anyone would remember me. I'm Amy Ritchie .. I used to make the venus flytrap puppets! I think I was twelve or thirteen then.

But I am 15 years old now, and still a CP lover! Sadly, I don't really have any CPs right now, with the exception of one ping that is holding on to life. My plants all died the winter before last, and the ones that didn't have died this winter. For a while, I almost forgot about my carnivorous plant hobby, because another one of my hobbies was taking over .. taxidermy (hence the email address). I have been practicing taxidermy (skinning and mounting animals) for about two years now and am beginning to get very good at it. I think I am going to make it my profession; I love it so much. But I still love CPs! I have now gotten very interested in starting another collection of CPs. I hope to get some flytraps, pings, sundews, and sarracenias soon. And this time I am determined to make those things live through winters!

Some of you may be interested to know that I recently did a 4-H public speech on carnivorous plants. I called it "Growing a Savage Garden -- Plants With an Appetite!". I explained, in seven minutes, the main types of CPs and how to grow them. The competition was tough, but I won first place and get to go to the higher level now! hehe! I think I am going to order one of those adorable venus flytrap shirts from California Carnivores and wear it while I give my speech!

I know this is a long email. I just thought people might want to know what was going on with me since I haven't talked to you all in so long. Unfortunately, I had to shut down my rather extensive webpage, but I am in the process of rebuilding it again. And, oh yeah .. I am still selling the flytrap puppets, for those of you who have never heard of them. $4 for finger puppets and $10 for hand puppets. (:

Your CP growing friend,

Amy Ritchie

PS. Like I said, I am looking to start a new collection, so let me know if you have anything you'd like to sell/trade. I am primarily looking for VFTs, sarracenia, pings, and sundews (preferably easy-to-grow type sundews and pings). I will buy them, if the price isn't too high, or I will trade puppets!

PPS. Visit my webpage if you want to see what I've done in taxidermy.. viewers discretion advised (some people have been offended by the photos of skinned animals)

Friday, March 08, 2002

Sarracenia with dead bugs[Garden Note] - Yes, this is the best part about growing carnivorous plants....seeing all the dead bugs! Click the picture for more.

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