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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Superior Enterprise - Yes, a reptile packaging store. The interest to CP growers is for the heat and cold packs that let you ship plants in the winter and summer. It's amazing how many products developed for the reptile trade are useful for CPs. Just goes to show you, nutballs flock together.

CARNIVOROUS PLANT PHOTO FINDER - This guy has taken it upon himself to do his own little version of a Google image search - but just for CPs. His page includes hard coded links to pictures of almost every species of carnivorous plant. It will be a lot of work to keep the links live.

Yahoo! Groups : hometissueculture - Here's a Yahoo Group about Home Tissue Culture. Seems pretty active:
The Home Plant Tissue Culture Listserv was created at the request of several tissue culture hobbyists who wanted a site where beginners could share their experiences with other non-professionals or those with limited experience. Our goal is to share ideas, cultures, seeds, chemicals, protocols, recipes and sources of information with each other. We are all limited in funds and expensive equipment and want to share ideas of how we can do plant tissue culture in an effective but inexpensive manner.

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